Special Events

Looking for something different for your guests......

Sundae Bars

$495.00 - Serves 150 People

What you get:

  • 4 Tubs of ice cream - selected from our menu
  • 6 Toppings - selected from our menu
  • 6 Cans of Whipped Cream and of course, Cherries!

Package Includes:

**Serving-ware; Delivery within 20 miles; 2 servers plus 10% Gratuity

Package Additions:

- Hot Fudge or Fresh Fruit for Sundaes
-Homemade Waffle Cones made on site giving off the best smell ever!
-Additional items available call for pricing*

$1.00 each additional mile
$3.00 each additional person
We want to work with you and your guests favorites to create specialty sundaes or flavors!

All prices and offers are not set in stone - Seneca Farms does larger or smaller custom events!

Contact Nitosha for more information!

Consider serving our Famous Fried Chicken and Homemade Salads at your next event.

Fried Chicken:

When planning to serve our Chicken at a party we suggest preparing for no more than 2 pieces per guest. Getting the Chicken mixed into equal pieces per count is also advised and offers more of a selection to your guests.

  • 64 pieces...... $120.00
  • 96 pieces.......$ 180.00
  • 128 pieces......$ 240.00
  • 160 pieces........$ 300.00

Our Homemade salads are also extremely popular for parties.
We offer: Potato, Macaroni, Coleslaw, Baked Beans and Pasta (seasonal)
  • 50 people....... $57.00
  • 75 people.....$85.00
  • 100 people.....$114.00

Have more questions on pricing and anything else we might offer: Please call us at 315-536-4066. Ask for Tiffany Phillips or Brenda Hansen. email at Senecafarms@yahoo.com