A Little Bit About Us

Blast From the Past

Seneca Farms has been family owned and operated for almost 40 years. In 1950, Seneca Farms opened up with the 1st drive thru in the area. They also bottled milk and made homemade Ice Cream, which they hand delivered in trucks. Since then, Seneca Farms has transformed into a place where people can get lunch, dinner, and even desert. The homemade ice cream is better than ever and loved by many.

The owner, Joseph Trombley, originally sold Perry’s ice cream when his father and himself first bought the business in 1976, but decided to offer the public homemade ice cream instead. In the early 1980’s he went to Penn State University for a short 10-day course in making ice cream. Now-a-days Joe makes all different flavors with a premium 16% butterfat base (which is very rare and makes the ice cream much creamier). All ice creams are hand swirled with their goodies of fruits, nuts, fudges, or candies and are made fresh on the premises every week!

Joe opened the kitchen in 1978, with simple, American inspired fare. Now, we are proud to offer a much more diverse menu. After many trials and tribulations with fried chicken and corn fritters (from family and friends recipe books) they finally settled on what you devour today. The homemade salads (made daily) are even Joe’s mother’s recipes and it doesn’t get better than that folks!

Unfortunately there was a fire in March of 2005, just when they were getting ready to open for the season. The fire destroyed all of the kitchen and dining area, but left only smoke damage to the front of the store, leaving the ice cream area in tact in the same building it’s been since 1950! They rebuilt the kitchen to have double the seating it had before with a bigger cooking area as well. And it’s too bad they didn’t triple it because they are almost always at max capacity now! The big pavilion seating area outside helps accommodate our guests when the weather permits.

Seneca Farm’s season typically runs from the first Thursday in March to the last weekend in October.