Sandwiches, Wraps, Burgers & Dogs

Sandwiches, Wraps, Burgers & Dogs

Any meat, any style, any way

Signature sandwiches like the people's favorite "Rancheroo" and "Buffalo Chicken Steak" are just a few of our traditional 'wiches that can be ordered with complimenting combinations like baked beans or corn fritters. Whichever your prefer, we promise to leave your stomachs full and your cravings satisfied!

Make it a DOUBLE!

Make your burger a double or more! Extra $1.50 per patty

Combo anything $3.75 extra!

Combo includes 2 corn fritters, 1 homemade salad* and choice of fries, mashed potatoes w/gravy or mac & cheese

Make it your own!

Cheese .75 Bacon .75 Chili Sauce .75 Sauerkraut .75 Mayo, Lettuce & Tomato .50 Peppers & Onions .50






Bacon Cheeseburger


Turkey Burger


Chili Cheeseburger


Mexican Burger


Seneca Burger


Bacon Bleu Burger


Mexi Black Bean Burger


Blackbean & Salsa Veggie Burger



Fried Chicken Filet


Buffalo Chicken Filet


Rancheroo Chicken Filet


Charbroiled Chicken Filet


Montreal Chicken Steak


Buffalo Chicken Steak


Chicken Salad Wrap (when available)


Hot Dogs

Taco Dog


Sloppy Dog


White Dog


Hot Dog


Wraps, Fish & Other

Cheeseburger Wrap


Buffalo Style Chicken Wrap


Chicken Salad Wrap (when available)


Beer Battered Fish Sandwich


Captain's Mate


                    (Beer Battered Fish Sandwich topped off with homemade Cole Slaw)

Philly Cheese Steak


BBQ Pork


Italian Sausage


We strive to serve a great quality product here as well as support as many local distributors as we can!
Due to their price increases and our commitment to put quality first, we have had to increase our prices.

Thank you for your understanding!